Merge unallocated disk space to system C drive

Want to merge unallocated space to C drive

The common situation is that: after installing different programs and applications, they will take up considerable space on servers or PCs, and the system C drive would run low with years of usage, while there may be plenty of unallocated space just sitting there or other partitions on the very same hard drive. Is it possible to merge unallocated space to system C drive and increase C drive with no reformat?  
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Step One: Shrink one large partition but with free space to make unallocated space and then move the free space close to system partition by moving other partitions in between.

resize big partition on server

produce free space for c drive by shrinking other large partition

Step Two: Claim free space next to the boot partition by extending c drive

extend server partition c

claim free space by resizing c drive on server OS

Step Three: Resize C drive and apply changes to get it extended.

extend c drive

extend c drive

downloadDownload IM-Magic Partition Resizer Server

Merging hard drive partition directly is very useful, especially good for server users, as it helps maximize the hard disk partition without reinstallation and minimize the server downtime. While the tools built in your operating system do not give you full accessibility over your drives, if you have ever attempted to merge partition, work with its partition, create or move partitions, etc., it is probably not an easy job to do. IT administrators would like to find a tool valuable for managing their server’s disk partition.

Solutions to merge unallocated disk space

In fact, third party Partition Manager software has long been the partition tool of choice for this kind of thing. It gives the user simple control over a wide range of tasks, from straightforward procedures to advanced partition management. In this article, we will introduce you to merge unallocated space in Windows 2003 to system partition easily and safely with third-party partition tool.

Download Free partition magic freeware to merge unallocated disk space to C drive in Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8;

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Merge unallocated space with partition magic server

Partition manager software is a very easy program to use, with intuitive and user-friendly interface; you are able to merge unallocated space to increase system C drive easily and without reinstallation. Here we will take merging unallocated space in Windows server 2003 for example, below you can check step by step tutorials:

Step 1: Launch Partition Magic Server program;
Suppose we need to merge partition C and partition D on Disk 2.

Step 2: select partition C and choose Merge in right click menu;


Step 3: A dialog box pops up and choose partition C on Disk 2 according to suggestions:


Step 4: Click Next, choose partition D and name the combined files:
Step 5: Apply the operation.


The size of partition C is 60.87GT from 33.43GB. Merge partitions in Windows 2003 server with Partition Magic Server is so easy.

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Aside from merging unallocated space in Windows server 2000/2003/2008, you can also use this partition magic server software to resize/move partition, create/delete partition, format partition, copy partition, recover partition, wipe partition, hot Extend of the system partition without reboot, etc. It supports all hard disks including IDE, SATA, SCSI, USB external disks, Fire wire disks.